"Asian Historical Secrets, Natural Beauty"  

Dokudami Shea Butter Balm

Posted on February 05, 2015 by Jo Kho


Remember that time we gave you a rundown on all the somewhat scary, definitely intimidating at-home beauty tools out there? The machine that promises to rid one of cellulite through some kind of electronic suction? The pretty pink laser to zap every last unwanted hair? The confounding DIY shellac light? The sci-fi reminiscent teeth whitener? Thought so. Hard to forget, right?

As promised, our curiosity (as well the fact that the machines were all just lying around Cov HQ ripe for the taking) got the better of us. And our TC panel is back to discuss exactly what worked miracles, what didn’t work in the least, what hurt and what was just completely confusing. So, you know, next time you’re feeling ready to drop a couple hundred bucks on a machine that will make you more beautiful (as if that’s even possible) while you simultaneously indulge in your nightly Netflix, you’ll know what you’re getting into.

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