Natural, Historical Beauty Products from Asia

More than 15 years ago, I worked in rural Japan for a couple of years. During this time, I met many beautiful Japanese women who had beautiful skin. Fascinated, I asked many of these women – young and old, to share their beauty regimes with me. What most impressed me about these ‘beauty secrets’, was the consistent theme of – “Using nature”.

Common items that could be found in the Japanese home, such as rice, tofu, green tea and charcoal, were used to create fair skin, remove impurities and carry out various skin-enhancing processes.

I was even more amazed when I discovered that some of these beauty regimes had been passed down from hundreds of years ago. These were truly “Asia’s Beauty Secrets.”

Over the years, I have developed a love for using natural skincare and makeup products.  I started looking out for natural skin care items (that were free of parabens). To my surprise,  I discovered that few natural, organic products, originally from Asia could be found online. Knowing that these products existed, I decided to create Asia’s Beauty Secrets – a treasure trove of Asia’s finest products for natural beauty.

It is often said that a woman’s true beauty is from within.

Through Asia’s Beauty Makeup Secrets, I hope to share some of the finest products that Asia’s natural resources has in store for you.

It’s time to unwrap the secrets to a naturally beautiful you!