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DOKUDAMI COSMETIC SERUM (All natural ingredients, with flower extracts)


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Has firming & clearing effects. Adds brightness & radiance to facial skin.

NATURAL COSMETIC SERUM - Dokudami with flower extracts
The Dokudami Cosmetic Serum is rich in various flower extracts.

Dokudami Flower - Most 'powerful' part of the plant, the flower has strong firming effects.
Noibara flower/ Rosa multiflora, - a species of the rose flower in Japan: good for acne & swelling.
Housenka flower (Impatiens balsamina) - great for dealing with atopic dematitis
Yukinoshita flower (Saxifraga stolonifera) - traditionally used for anti-inflammatory functions (to reduce swelling)

All Natural Ingredients: Aqua, Ethyl Alcohol, Karin extract, Glycerine, Noibara flower extract, Dokudami flower extract, Housenka flower extract, Yukinoshita flower extract, and Honey

Weight: 30 ml

Interesting Fact:  Serums are often the most "miraculous" of all skincare products. Rich in ingredients, serums are super-efficient in treating skin for various conditions, such as moisturing, lightening, or toning.

Tags: Special Care
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