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Konyakku Natural Cleansing Sponge (Rose)

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Rose clay improves skin elasticity. Deeply cleanses with gentle massaging  

Made in Japan, this cleansing sponge is free of preservatives and made up entirely (100%) from the natural Konyakku plant.

Deeply cleanses and exfoliates skin, leaving a radiant complexion. Gentle and natural, this sponge is suitable for sensitive skin. The Rose Sponge is perfect for skin exposed to sun, airconditioning and other harsh temperature conditions.

Pink Clay (or Rose Clay) is the mildest of all French clays. Enriched with natural silica & Iron oxide, Rose clay softens hard, rough skin. It is known to improve circulation and repair tissue. The Rose Sponge has a softening effect, and improves elasticity of skin.

7 cm wide (When dry). Add water to use.

Usage Instructions:

1) Rinse and soak the sponge in warm water before the first usage.

2) Squeeze out excess water and the Sponge is ready for use. You can choose to add soap or use the sponge on its own.

3) Massage face with sponge, in gentle, circular motions.

3) After use, rinse out the sponge and hang it up to dry in an airy place. You can also choose to store your sponge in the fridge (which allows it to last longer). When dried, the sponge may shrink and harden again. Just add warm water - and it's ready for use again.

4) As this is a natural, plant, the sponge should last 9-14 weeks. The better you take care of the sponge, the longer it will last.

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